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HPV Vaccine

Every year, 27,000 men & women are affected by HPV-related cancers. The HPV vaccine is cancer prevention. Vaccinate your son or daughter starting when they are 11 or 12 to protect them against many HPV cancers later in life.

In these short videos from the CDC, real pediatricians answer parents’ questions about the HPV vaccine and why it’s so important for preventing cancer.

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The HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention

A cervical cancer survivor shares that her personal experience makes her dedicated to protecting her own children from HPV-related cancers

Why Do 11-12 Year Olds Need the HPV Vaccine?

Dr. Rodriguez explains why giving the HPV vaccine earlier helps protect against cancers later in life.

Is My Child Too Young to Get the HPV Vaccine?

Dr. Amy Levine answers a neighbor’s question about if her 11-year-old daughter is too young to get the HPV vaccine.